Who we are

Over ten years of experience that makes the difference

Yanaytech is a young and dynamic company with over ten years of experience, providing smart solutions to everyday challenges in the agricultural industry in general and the field of milking systems in particular, medical equipment, and more. The company aims to provide technological and advanced solutions to various processes and needs.

The company’s flagship product is the Rhino Switch interface. This smart and advanced interface is an alternative to the external “Start/Stop” button for operating the vacuum in the milking systems. The product is ergonomic, convenient and specially adapted for the farmer, making the milking process far more efficient and saving a lot of resources. The use of the button is easy and intuitive, done by proximity of a magnetic ring to the sensor metal button. This process results in the farmer saving physical effort and avoiding wear and tear of the button, which characterizes the use of a button on the milking system’s operating box. The interface actually preserves the milking system and ensures its durability over the years.

Each of our employees has extensive practical and professional experience and an uncompromising commitment to improving the efficiency of milking processes and significantly alleviating the farmer’s daily challenges.

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