Yanaytech is switch(ing) the milking process with Rhino Switch!

Rhino Switch is a unique product that interfaces with all milking systems and significantly improves the efficiency of the process.

How is this done?
A typical milking process begins by identifying the cow using an ID tag, cleaning the udders, operating the vacuum in the milking system using a “start” button located on the milking system control box, and attaching the milking cluster. Unfortunately, this “start” button is often overused and, as a result, requires a control box replacement frequently.

Using the outstanding button developed by Yanaytech, the farmer will be able to use a durable metal button and a ring that identifies magnetic proximity sensor to optimize the milking process: The farmer will bring the ring closer to the switch, located in the optimal and most convenient position, the process will start immediately, the milker will save effort and time and the milking procedure will be done faster and far more efficient.

The Rhino Switch was specially developed for milking parlors and is designed for a working environment with harsh working conditions. For that reason, it is resistant to mechanical blows and chemical liquids, including acids. In addition, it is ergonomic, comfortable, accelerates the speed of action, and requires simple installation only.

How to install?

Who is it for?


Milking parlors

Dealers and distributors

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Technical details: