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Yanaytech provides smart, innovative solutions and products developed with advanced technology for various industries: the agricultural industry, with an emphasis on milking devices and systems, medical equipment, and more. Our advanced milking solutions, led by the smart and innovative interface, the Rhino Switch, provide affordable solutions for farmers. The unique switch saves significant time, improves performance, saves expenses, and prevents the products from wearing out. With many years of experience and in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of milking solutions, YanayTech is dedicated to innovation and excellence. The company’s employees work daily to develop the most advanced products to revolutionize the milking industry.

Rhino Switch - the revolutionary switch that saves time and costs

Meet the interface that wins the race!

The Rhino Switch is an advanced interface consisting of a durable metal button and a unique ring operated by a magnetic proximity sensor. The farmer wears the ring while conducting the milking process to activate the vacuum in the milking system. The smart button replaces the milking “start” button located in the control box, which usually wears out very quickly, making it difficult to operate and causing a waste of resources, effort, and time, which are extremely valuable in the milking process.

Using the advanced technology of the Rhino Switch, the vacuum is activated when the farmer brings the ring closer to the metal button. This way,  it ensures maximum comfort for the farmer, prevents wear and tear that require purchasing new control boxes, faster operation, and significantly improved process efficiency.


Hard, high impact, Fluid resistance, high performance


High frequency branding Relay, remote control and others


Milking parlors, industry, General and other uses